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Butcher Box Processed Goat Selection ~ 25 LBS

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Butcher Box Selection Goat

Sourced from several baby goats for our inventory.  This 25 pounds of an exceptional offering guarantees a consistent and unparalleled flavor profile throughout, at a great value. Each cut is carefully selected and processed to maintain the integrity and essence of the goat, delivering an authentic and satisfying culinary experience.

Traditional Cuts

Within this carefully crafted package, you'll discover the traditional cuts that make a whole lamb so remarkable. Here's a breakdown of the traditional cuts included in our goat:

  • Shoulders: 2 lbs of tender, bone-in cubed meat for rich stews or 2 lbs of ground goat for versatile recipes.
  • Rack:  Approximately 16 succulent goat chops, perfect for grilling or roasting to perfection.
  • Ribs: 2 full slabs of ribs, packed with juicy flavors.
  • Loin: Savor 6-8 mini T-bone goat loin chops, known for their tenderness and exquisite taste. Plus, treat yourself to 1 lb of tantalizing goat bacon.
  • Sirloin Area:  2 lbs of boneless sirloin, ideal for creating flavorful roasts or grilled delicacies.
  • Legs: enjoy 2 lbs of boneless goat kabobs for grilling, and savor 4 shanks for hearty, slow-cooked meals.
  • Head and organs included.

Cubed Goat

Our cubed goat selection is meticulously prepared to provide you with 25 lb of both bone-in and boneless pieces, ensuring a diverse and versatile cooking experience. Meanwhile, the racks are transformed into individual chops, while the loins are masterfully cut into succulent loin chops. This attention to detail allows you to enjoy the distinctive flavors and textures that each cut offers.

Custom Goat

For your convenience and personalization, if you prefer custom cuts, our dedicated team will reach out to you directly. We understand the importance of meeting your unique preferences, and we'll ensure that your lamb is processed exactly to your specifications.


All of our goat is domestically raised in the USA by local farmers, we provide you with the freshest and tastiest goat. As opposed to internationally imported goat, typical from New Zealand and Australia, our domestic goat have a milder and less gamey taste.