Shipping Throughout The U.S

From our headquarters in Chicago, we ship anywhere in the continental United States! 

Delivery Time-Frame

All of our orders will be received within 1-3 days of shipping!

Shipped In Insulated Packaging

All of our products are shipped vacuum sealed and packed with dry ice or gel packs to keep them at the desired temperature during transit.


Where do you ship?

From our headquarters in Chicago, we ship anywhere in the continental United States.  All of our orders will be received within 1 - 3 days. All orders placed by Tuesday of the week, if in stock, will be shipped out that same week via UPS. All orders placed after Tuesday, if in stock, will be processed and shipped the following week.  Please allow 2-3 consecutive business days for delivery. 

How long will my product stay fresh?

Everything comes vacuum sealed to your door. It can remain refrigerated, in vacuum-seal, for 5 days. If frozen, products will typically stay fresh for up to one year if stored properly.

How will my orders be shipped?

Products will be shipped in a Polar Tech Thermo Chilled Insulated Box via UPS. These boxes are great small coolers that can be reused.

What kind of farms do you work with?

We source our Lamb, Goat, Beef and Veal directly from small American family farms. Halal Farms, our supplier of Lamb, Goat, Beef, and Veal has been working with small American farmers for over twenty years, who pasture raise their animals.

Why does the meat have a strange smell when it came out of the vacuum sealed bag?

The meat in the vacuum sealed package has had the oxygen removed when it was sealed. This leads the gas to be released when the package is opened. This is the smell you are smelling when vacuum sealed products are opened. Typically, within a few minutes the smell will evaporate.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the perishable nature of our product, we do not accept returns. However, please contact us if any issues arise and we will do our best to assist you. Please see our Return Policy for more information.

Is your Lamb, Goat, Beef, and Veal Zabiha Halal?

Yes, our Lamb, Goat, Beef and Veal is Zabiha Halal certified. We source our Lamb, Goat, Beef and Veal from Halal Farms USA. Halal Farms has been serving the Midwest market as certified Zabiha Halal harvester for over twenty years. See certification for more details.

Is your Chicken Zabiha Halal?

Due to high requests for Chicken we have added Halal Chicken for all of our patrons. Our Chicken is machine processed Halal from a local partner. If you are looking for Zabiha Halal Chicken, please contact us directly to see how we can help!

How should I handle packages when they arrive?

Products should be frozen, partially frozen, or cool to the touch when you open the package. According to the USDA partially thawed products can be re-frozen. It is the responsibility of the consumer to follow all health and safety guidelines when thawing and handling products. 

How do I handle the dry ice in the package?

Packages may contain dry ice and/or gel packs.  Dry ice and or gel packs are the industry standard when shipping perishables nationwide. Avoid touching any remaining dry ice with bare skin, dry ice has a temperature of -110 degrees and is very dangerous if not handled properly. Dry ice usually evaporates in 24 hours. If you do receive package with dry ice, you may leave the dry ice inside the cooler to evaporate or use gloves to remove and dispose of the ice in a well-ventilated location.