Cubed Goat (Bone-In)
Approx 1 LB

Cubed Goat (Bone-In)

Cubed goat (bone-in) meat is cut in small chunks, including the bone, from the whole goat. These cubes of meat can have a higher bone to meat ratio than other cuts. The cubed goat (bone-in) typically used for stews and braising. 


All of our USDA inspected Goat is domestically raised by small local farmers, and hand processed. We provide you with the freshest and tastiest Goat. 
  • Animals Raised With Care

  • High Quality Meats Delivered To Your Door

  • Sourced From American Farmers For Over 20 Years

  • Shipping In Insulated Thermo-Chilled Package To Ensure Freshness & Quality

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