Whole Lamb Processed ~ 35 LB.
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Saved 36% ($215.00)
Approx 35 LBS

Whole Lamb Processed

Whole 35 pound Lamb’s worth of meat Processed into premium cuts or bone-in cubed meat.  This is a great economical method of purchasing a large quantity of lamb and will yield approximately 35 pounds of meat. The standard cuts that come in your order will be:

2 Racks of Lamb - 12-14 Lamb Chops
8-10 Lamb Loin Chops 
4 Leg Shanks 
2 Legs 1 Leg processed into Kabobs, 1 Leg into Steaks )
2 Shoulders ( 1 Shoulder processed into Kabobs, 1 Shoulder into Steaks)
2-4 lbs of Riblets

We also offer custom cuts, contact us directly at 630-912-2127 to discuss what you're looking for!

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