Whole Goat Processed ~ 25 LB.
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~ 25 LBS

Whole Goat Processed

Whole 25 pounds worth of Goat meat processed into premium cuts or bone in cubed meat. These goats are kid goats and will yield approximately 23-25 pounds of meat. Goat can be cut into bone in cubed meat, or can be cut in traditional premium cuts listed below. Please contact us for custom cuts. Charges will apply.

A Typical Processed Goat May Include:
2 Racks ( 12-14 Goat Chops) 
8-10 Goat Loin chops 
4 Leg shanks 
2 Legs  (1 Leg processed into Kabobs, 1 Leg into Steaks )
2 Shoulders ( 1 Shoulder processed into Ground, 1 Shoulder into Steaks)
2-4 lbs of Riblets


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