Lamb Chops
Approx 1 LB

Lamb Chops

These delicious lamb chops are the most popular, premium cut of lamb. Their tenderness and flavor are what make this cut a sought after delicacy!  Our lamb's lifestyle allows for a tender lamb chop with a delicious, much milder, less gamy flavor.


All of our lamb is domestically raised by American farmers. We provide you with the freshest and highest quality lamb. As opposed to internationally imported lamb, typically from New Zealand and Australia, our domestic lamb have a milder and less gamey taste.

  • Animals Raised With Care

  • High Quality Meats Delivered To Your Door

  • Sourced From American Farmers For Over 20 Years

  • Shipping In Insulated Thermo-Chilled Package To Ensure Freshness & Quality

    *Minimum of $30 purchase for all orders



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