lamb leg roast
Approximately 1.3-1.5 LBS
Lamb Rump Cap 

Boneless lamb rump are cuts from the bottom rump on the lamb. These cuts have more meat and more fat which packs this cut full of flavor. With only two steaks on a whole lamb this makes these boneless lamb rump steaks a rare cut of lamb. Boneless lamb rump steaks are very are exquisitely tender, and very delicious. These cuts go great with strong herbs, like rosemary and thyme—they’re perfect for slow cooking, pan-searing, pan-roasting, and grilling!


 All of our lamb is domestically raised by American farmers. We provide you with the freshest and highest quality lamb. As opposed to internationally imported lamb, typically from New Zealand and Australia, our domestic lamb have a milder and less gamey taste. All of our Lamb is USDA Inspected and Halal Meat

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