Need some more info on our meats? Find these common questions below!
Where do you ship?
From our headquarters in Chicago, we ship anywhere in the continental United States. All of our orders will be received within
1 - 4 business days.
Why is shipping SOOO expensive? Do you offer free shipping?
This question is probably our most frequently asked question! We aim to be extremely transparent, and we also strive to keep our meat prices accessible to everyone. Most companies that offer free shipping will undoubtedly have to build the cost into the product price. For example, they may offer free shipping, however, their lamb chops can be $40/lb or more! So we truly are just minimizing the cost for you. You'll find that even with our shipping charges, you will see that our prices are very competitive, if not less than elsewhere. Our intention is to keep the cost of our products the most reasonable as possible without building shipping charges Into the cost. We do not determine our shipping charges, they are calculated by shipping carriers upon check out.
How do I handle the dry ice in the package?
Packages may contain dry ice and/or gel packs. Dry ice and or gel packs are the industry standard when shipping perishables nationwide. Avoid touching any remaining dry ice with bare skin, dry ice has a temperature of -110 degrees and is very dangerous if not handled properly. Dry ice usually evaporates in 48 - 72 hours. If you do receive package with dry ice, you may leave the dry ice inside the cooler to evaporate or use gloves to remove and dispose of the ice in a well-ventilated location.
How will my orders be shipped? Will the meat arrive frozen?
Products will be shipped in a Polar Tech Thermo Chilled Insulated Box via UPS with dry ice and/or ice packs. These boxes are small coolers that can be reused.

We pack the package with dry ice, if the item arrives within 4 days of shipping, products should be frozen, partially frozen, or cool to the touch when you open the package. According to the USDA partially thawed products can be re-frozen. It is the responsibility of the consumer to follow all health and safety guidelines when thawing and handling products.
What happens if my order is delayed?
Please contact us if you notice any delay in your shipment, and we will make sure your issue is resolved as soon as possible.
How will long will it take for my shipment to arrive?
All orders placed by Tuesday of the week, if in stock, will be shipped out that same week via UPS. All orders placed after Tuesday, if in stock, will be processed and shipped the following week. Please allow 2 - 4 consecutive business days for delivery.
What farms do you work with?
We source our Lamb, Goat, Beef and Veal directly from small American family farms.  BillyDoe Meats has been sourcing our Lamb, Goat, Beef, and Veal from small American farmers for over twenty years. We source all of our chicken from Midwestern Amish farmers .
Are your meats grassfed?
We select only the highest quality animals with the best rearing and husbandry practices. We have been working with local family farms and Amish communities since we began our journey to providing you with the best meats.

Goats are natural grazers and their diet consists of grass and weeds, this is what makes their meat very lean.

Lambs are naturally grass-fed and pasture-raised on the family farms and Amish communities where we source our meats from. The last 30 days before harvesting most farmers will feed them local grains. This is what leads to domestic lamb having a mild and buttery flavor. 

Lamb and Goat, per USDA & FDA regulations, are antibiotic free and hormone free at harvesting.

The Black Angus Beef we have is also sourced from local family farms. They are pasture raised and fed diets based on their farms own practices.

Our chicken is sourced from Amish farmers who raise their chicken hormone free, antibiotic free, cage free, and are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Our goal and intention is to bring people back to the source of their meats and provide people with the best quality well-raised meats right to their door. We believe that these practices is what makes the difference in the taste and quality of our meats.
Are your meats USDA Certified?
Yes! Our Lamb, Goat, Beef, Veal and Chicken is USDA Inspected.
Are your meats Zabiha Halal?
Yes! Our Lamb, Goat, Beef, Veal and Chicken is Zabiha Halal certified. The entire process is done by hand, for quality and precison we cut all of our cuts you see by hand. From start to finish we process our cuts with meticulous care.