Our Intention

Our family is intent on bringing people back to the direct roots and source of their meats. Our meats come directly from pasture-raised farms, with top-notch standards of care and husbandry. We believe that we all have a responsibility to our bodies, animals, plants, water, and land. We have built relationships with our farmers for over 22 years, to ensure that you are getting the best quality meats and care from our family. 

BillyDoe, was inspired by popular farmer jargon used for male and female goats. A 'Billy' is a male goat & a 'Doe' is a female goat.

Who Are We?

Our family-run operation began over two decades ago when our family started a meat harvesting facility in 1997. Our goal was to provide high-quality whole animal distribution to stores and restaurants around the midwest. From its onset, our family business has intended to provide meat that was high quality, fresh, and domestically sourced.

We are here to provide fresh meats directly to you. We bring the experience and quality that you would expect at a steakhouse or high-end restaurant right to your home.