Lamb Curated Bundle - 10 LB

We curated this 10 LB bundle of some of our favorite cuts of lamb. This bundle includes some of the most premium and versatile cuts of lamb, with free shipping! 

The 10 LB Lamb Bundle will include:

  • 2 LB of Lamb Chops 
  • 2 LB of Lamb Loins
  • 1 LB of Lamb Bacon
  • 1 Lamb Leg Steak
  • 1 Slab of Lamb Ribs
  • 3 LB of Ground Lamb

For Free Ground Shipping to Apply:

  • Must Be In Continental US
  • Must Be ONLY Item in Cart
  • Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Promotions
  • No Add Ons - Any Additional Items Must Be Placed Separately
  • Animals Raised With Care

  • High Quality Meats Delivered To Your Door

  • Sourced From American Farmers For Over 20 Years

  • Shipping In Insulated Thermo-Chilled Package To Ensure Freshness & Quality

    *Minimum of $30 purchase for all orders



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