Goat Steaks
Approx .70 LB

Goat Steaks

Goat steaks are cuts from the leg and shoulder. Goat steaks are exquisitely very lean cuts of meat full of flavor and very high in protein. These goat steaks go great with a little salt, pepper, and pureed onion. They are perfect for pan-searing, pan-roasting, and grilling!


  • Animals Raised With Care

  • High Quality Meats Delivered To Your Door

  • Sourced From American Farmers For Over 20 Years

  • Shipping In Insulated Thermo-Chilled Package To Ensure Freshness & Quality

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      Cubed Goat (Bone-In)
      Goat Kabobs for Stew
      Ground Goat
      Goat Chops
      Goat Loins