19 LB  Bundle

We curated a 19 LB bundle of Black Angus Ground Beef, Burgers, Chicken Breasts, & Chicken Thighs, to offer you the highest quality with Free Shipping! This bundle is perfect for large families with a big freezer looking for quality meats delivered right to your door.

The Bundle will include: 

  • 4 Pounds of Chicken Leg Quarters
  • 4 Pounds of Chicken Drumsticks
  • 9 Beef Burgers ( ~ 6oz each )
  • 8 Pounds of Ground Beef

For Free Ground Shipping to Apply:

  • Must Be In Continental US
  • Must Be ONLY Item in Cart
  • Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Promotions
  • No Add Ons - Any Additional Items Must Be Placed Separately
  • Animals Raised With Care

  • High Quality Meats Delivered To Your Door

  • Sourced From American Farmers For Over 20 Years

  • Shipping In Insulated Thermo-Chilled Package To Ensure Freshness & Quality

    *Minimum of $30 purchase for all orders



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